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01 August, 2019

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Male & Females - Male budgies can be identified by the blue colouring just above their beak, where as the female budgies have a redish brown colour. Telling males from females is harder with younger birds and colourful breeds like harlequins and lutinos since the blue or brown is more pale and harder to recognise.

Diet - Food should be provided on a adlib and unlimited basis. Ideally its recommended to dispense bird seed with a bird feeder which will help keep the bird seed clean and avoid excessive waist. Avigrain Budgie Blue seed mix is a good staple diet for budgies, but budgie crumbles can also be used to help stop your birds picking and choosing and having an unbalanced diet. Shell Grit and cuttle fish bone should be available at all times. Every few days some greens should be provided, like silverbeet spinach (a budgie favourite).

Caging - 1 to 4 budgies can be kept in a excercise cage which allows the birds to fly laterally due its wide design. 4 to 6 budgies can be kept in our double height excercise cage or 6 to 10 in our large avairy cage. More then 10 will require a full sized avairy. If you intend to house your budgies outdoors you will need a cage with a roof and it will need to be placed away from draft and somewhere semi-sheltered. During winter you may need to block draught with plastic or by other means.

Breeding - Ideally budgies should be kept in a larger flight cage or avairy most of the year and then once or twice a year they can be put into a breeding cabinet or smaller cage in breeding pairs. Your breeding cabinet or cage will need to have a breeding box if it doesnt already have one buit in. Especially when first pairing birds together its important to keep a close eye on them incase they begin fighting or are not compatible. Budgies can also be bred in larger groups if breeding boxes are provided. If doing so, its important to provide at least one breeding box per 2 birds. Since breeding budgies can be a little complicated for the novice its best to seek expert advice before started out. The staff at our enfield store would be glad to help you get started with caring or breeding for your new birds.

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